01 June 2019


My name is Benjamin. I’m 30 and grew up in Hungary. I’ve been working in the finance and HR sector for nearly six years and lived in several countries: Poland, Slovakia, Croatia and currently in South-Africa. I’ve always dealt with people in my life but a big dream of mine was become a Java developer.

People always said “it’s too late to start” and I accepted it until I found my love in South-Africa and she was the catalyst who urged me to start doing Java. So I made a big decision and started learning this language giving up my old career at the end of August 2018. I am not a Java developer yet but I am programming every day since I’ve decided to change my path and found that Java is my drive, my best-loved hobby and a good therapy when I feel down.

I started using NetBeans 8 from the beginning. I tried other IDEs as well but I feel comfortable coding with NetBeans as I usually stick to the same things which gave me good impression the first time. I like using NetBeans because it’s simple and serves my need of writing code efficiently and quickly. Last but not at least I definitely like the NetBeans mailing list where people are very helpful.

I use to work on Windows laptop when I started learning Java but shortly I turned onto a MacBook Pro which made my life easier to program.

Currently I am working on my main project which is a flashcard program to help memorizing / learning previously stored expressions and words. You can add a sentence in English to a flashcard and show its translation if you can’t remember it.

Apart from this I am doing online courses and practicing with other smaller programs. I can’t wait to start working to use my freshly gathered knowledge creating real value. In the future I'll put a big focus on Apache, Maven, Spring and PHP. On top of that, I signed up for a class on how to prepare for an Oracle exam to get a certification as soon as possible.

You can reach me on Twitter or GitHub