22 October 2019


I'm Jerome Lelasseux, I live in Toulouse, France.

I started programming when I was 13, using an Oric 1 computer; that was quite a long time ago! Since then I always loved programming. I worked on real time embedded systems for a research lab in optics, then in the automotive industry. From a software engineer at the beginning of my career, I switched to business-oriented positions and stopped programming professionally.

I started using NetBeans 7 or 8 years ago. I had already started my main hobby project, JJazzLab. It was a music desktop application in Java and I had to implement everything: window management, undo management, preferences, etc. The result was quite bad because I lacked some good practices. Then I discovered the NetBeans Rich Client Platform. I liked the marketing promise: "out of the box, the NetBeans Platform provides all the 'plumbing' for a reliable and flexible application". So I started porting JJazzLab to the NetBeans Platform. It was not easy at the beginning, but I don't regret it!

Nowadays I still work on JJazzLab and just released it to the public this September. JJazzLab is a Midi-based application which automatically generates backing tracks (a musical accompaniment) for any song. It’s a jam buddy to have fun improvising, learn new stuff or just practice your instrument. It’s also a great tool for teachers. Note that the JJazzLab infrastructure has been released as an open-source project called 'JazzLab-X'.

I develop on a Win10 laptop with Netbeans 11. I also use an old Linux computer and my wife's MacBook for testing! GitHub and Hugo for the JJazzLab website.

You can reach me via the JJazzLab website.