14 December 2019


My name is Yiğit Bul.

I started programming around 2004, as a student. Professionally, I started working in 2011.

I think it was second year of University when I started using NetBeans. We were all using Eclipse for Java, and struggling terribly. Especially with the GUI editor, because it was a plugin and not stable at all. So when we had an Eclipse install that had a running UI editor plugin, we used to copy and transfer it around on CDs and just hold it sacred.

Then someday, I saw that Netbeans has the UI editor integrated (I believe) and working just fine. It blew my mind and it also spread like wild fire among classmates. That's how I started :)

I've been using NetBeans for all my professional projects. I have implemented more than 50 web applications (Tomcat) and 100+s daemons, mostly back-end infrastructure for TellComm software and 3rd party User APIs. Another different project is an easy-to-use CRM platform.

Now we are working on a project for helping developers orchestrate any agent or event in their domain, positioning it as an API for BPM. Again NetBeans is the tool for web applications and daemons :)

For work I'm just using a Toshiba Satellite from 2015; does a good job with SSD and extra 8GB memory, can't complain much. Though, I hate the glossy screen...

Our products run on starter level HP and IBM servers, a little beefed up with extra memory and cores. But on cloud services like Digital Ocean and Scaleway lighter instances, usually do the job for us. Some of them are x86, some of the Scaleway ones are ARM baremetal. Never had a problem with running Java on ARM machines, to be honest.

As for other tools, I personally can't do anything without a terminal. My precious is Yakuake. When I try to do something with a PC and there is no terminal dropping down when I press F12, I really seriously struggle.

I guess DB connectivity tools are a must, for finding your way around. I do need MongoDB Compass at hand lately.

When developing an API, Postman comes really handy. Helps you group requests in workspaces, and share with team members. You can also save credentials for sessions.

One can reach me on medium as @kommradhomer. I use the same handler for Twitter and StackOverflow as well. My email address address is always available.